wowbeli Dropship Agent Program

We welcome you to join our company! Grow your own business with! Easy and Simple steps! Sell worldwide 24 x 7 x 365!  World is never sleep and 75% peoples in the world buy online! Big opportunity for all.
WHAT is Dropship Business?
  1. You select any of your interested products from and upload the product to any website, social network, blog, forum, apps, wechat, classified website, auction website…. and sell. Your customer will place order from you, You will place your customer order from wowbeli with retail price + 20% dropship agent discount, We (Dropshipper) will ship the item to your customer without mention our name and brand. So you will have the customer forever! See picture below:
WHY Partner with us?
  1. You no need any money to start this business
  2. You no need to buy or keep stock
  3. You no need to work in handling and shipping process
HOW can i start?
  1. You need to have facebook or instagram account or both.
  2. Contact us and send in your facebook or instagram profile/group/page url
  3. You will receive a Promo Code from us. Apply the Promo Code during your checkout and it will give you discount amount.
HOW can i do marketing to sell your products?
  1. Select any products from our website. Copy and upload the product photos to your facebook/instagram/blog/twitter/website…
  2. Write a description and price to attract your friends to buy
  3. Your buyers will pay to you.
  4. Once you receive the order, immediately visit to our website and place the order from us.
  5. Key in your buyer’s name, address, tel… so we will have the item ship direct to your buyer
  6. Before your pay, kindly enter the special discount code and the system will give you a discount during checkout.
  7. Suggestion: You can create a facebook page to sell our products. As many users that Follow or Like your page as higher the chances you to sell. You can do it as you own business without publish or expose of our name. Our team will always here to support you.  See sample of our facebook page:
HOW much should i sell the product and earning?
  1. You can sell the product as same price as in our website. OR you can sell the product after markup price that you like. OR you can sell more cheaper than our website too. Because you know how much you will earn and you are your own boss for all your customers worldwide!
  2. You will have 20%.  Example: the product in our website is selling $10.00 You can sell the product $10.00 OR sell $15.00 OR sell $9.00. Even you sell with lower price than our website with $9.00, you still make profit! because what you will need to pay to us is just $8.00!
WHAT about if my buyer know i buy from you and they directly buy from you?
  1. Many years we been doing this business online in Malaysia, Singapore, USA, UK, and Russia… and we have lot partner like you worldwide. They earning everyday and continues buy from us and we ship to all their buyers worldwide without any of trust and worry issue.
  2. We will never expose our name in any shipping/parcel we sent out. Because we want to protect you and business with you for a long term. You have never worry about this problem.
  3. There is no point for your buyer to directly buy from us because they don’t get any special discount. it is the same price they pay to you.


HOW many days my buyer will receive the item?

  1. Depend on the item. we have warehouse worldwide and we will request the nearest wearhouse to ship the item to your buyer. Note: as far the warehouse as long the shipping period. Some of our items are store in Russian wearhouse, China wearhouse, USA wearhouse… Kindly refer to the product page you want to order and click on “Shipping & Payment”


WHEN can i get my payment of 20% sales commission?
  1. Once your buyer paid to you for their order.
  2. During your checkout, apply the Promo Code to our system and our system will just charge you 80%. This mean, you earn 20% because you just need to pay to buy the item from us with just 80% from the total amount your buyer paid to you.


= has more than 3000 products! See this link:
= We have more than 30000 products for your to sell, and the number is increasing daily
= All our products are free shipping worldwide
= You can set your own price or follow to our price
= You get 20% from your sales
= IF, you need more than that, you can increase the price in your listing
= We have more than 1600 dropship agent worldwide
= Some are students, housewife, office person, freelancer… They make $500 in the first month!
= Create fb group and page to sell or sell on ebay, mudah, lelong, cari, instagram….
= You no need to buy and keep stock of products
= You no need to visit usps to ship
= All you need to do is drop us your customer’s order and we will manage the order and ship to our buyer.
= We will not mention our name on or in the shipping/parcel
= We send your customer full refund if anything went wrong.
= We have more than 1million sales and we face very less than 1% of missing and lost parcel, and yes we send full refund without asking many question
= You need lot of money to start your own business and many paper and licensing you need
= Here is the golden opportunity to start you multi regional business online and sell worldwide!
= The shopping world is never sleep!
= You are one step to success!
= How much you need to pay your dropship agent discount code is $79.99 instead of normal fee of $199.99
= This is one- time payment
= You will receive dropship agent discount code to start your business with in 24 hours
= Signup for your dropship agent with us now by pay on your one time membership fee at this link:
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July 7, 2017

I like wowbeli dropship

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