Oder 1 atau 1000 barang dari 1000 sellers. Anda cuma perlu bayar RM4.20 untuk 1000 shipping fee! Memang best beli dengan WOWBELI.com

Now with wowbeli.com you just need to pay $1.00 (MYR4.20) to ship all your items from china to your address! No matter how big or small is your orders! If your order is just ONE or 1000 items from 1000 sellers from China, you will just need to pay ONLY $1.00 (RM4.20) You just need to pay $1.00 Only! wowbeli.com is a global online store since 2016 that help more than 2,000,000 items ship worldwide! With Wowbeli.com you will save a lot of money on shipping fees!

If, you checkout with one item, you just need to pay $1 (RM4.20) on the shipping fee. If you buy 10 or 1000 items, you just need to pay $1 (RM4.20) shipping fee too! This is what we called it One-Time shipping fee! No matter where is your shipping address in the world. You will just need to pay $1 (RM4.20)

Select any items on our website and proceed with the usual checkout + $1.00 shipping fee through our website and we will take care of the rest of the shipping fee for you. No matter where is your location! a worldwide same shipping fee of just $1.00 on wowbeli.com.

Please note, If you order more than one item. The items might be delivered to you in a separate package/parcel. This is due to the items are not from the same supplier/seller. You can always log in to your account on wowbeli.com to check your order status. Create a buyer account now by clicking on “this link”

PAYMENT: We accept payment by Paypal, Stripe, and Bank Transfer. If you are without Paypal account, you are welcome to check out with pay with major Debit/Credit cards. and to some countries that do not offer paypal and stripe you are welcome to pay with our available banks account.

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