5.0MP HD 1080p HDMI 60fps SONY imx178 sensor WiFi HDMI output digital microscope camera5.0MP HD 1080p HDMI 60fps SONY imx178 sensor WiFi HDMI output digital microscope camera5.0MP HD 1080p HDMI 60fps SONY imx178 sensor WiFi HDMI output digital microscope camera5.0MP HD 1080p HDMI 60fps SONY imx178 sensor WiFi HDMI output digital microscope camera5.0MP HD 1080p HDMI 60fps SONY imx178 sensor WiFi HDMI output digital microscope camera5.0MP HD 1080p HDMI 60fps SONY imx178 sensor WiFi HDMI output digital microscope camera

5.0MP HD 1080p HDMI 60fps SONY imx178 sensor WiFi HDMI output digital microscope camera

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Product Description

5.0MP HD 1080p HDMI 60fps SONY imx178 sensor WiFi HDMI output digital microscope camera

Microscope Camera Feature

The 1080PHB’s basic characteristic is as follows:

  • All in 1( HDMI+WIFI) C mount Microscope camera with Sony high sensitivity CMOS sensor 425mv with 1/30s;
  • For HDMI application, with built-in multiple-language XCamView software.The camera characteristic can be controlled by XCamView through the USB mouse. The other basic processing and choosing can also be realized by the XCamView.;
  • 1920×1080 (1080P) resolutions to match the current high-definition displayer on the market; Support plug and play application;
  • For HDMI application, 5.0MP resolution image(2592*1944) can be captured and saved for browsing; For video, 1080P video stream(asf format) can be captured and saved;
  • With the USB WIFI adapter, the 1080PHB can be used as WIFI camera, the RisingView advanced image processing software is used to view the video and capture image. support plug and play application;
  • Ultra-Fine color engine with perfect color reproduction capability(WIFI);
  • With advanced video & image processing application RisingView, which including professional image processing such as 2D measurement, HDR, image stitching, EDF(Extended Depth of Focus), image segmentation & count, image stacking, color composite and denoising
  • 1080PHB Camera can meet various applications and can be widely used in industrial inspection, education and research, materials analysis, precision measurement, medical analyses etc

1080PHB Microscope Camera Application

Application: microscope

  • Scientific research, education (teaching, demonstration and academic exchanges);
  • Digital laboratory, medical research;
  • Industrial visual (PCB examination, IC quality control);
  • Medical treatment (pathological observation);
  • Food (microbial colony observation and counting);
  • Aerospace, military (high sophisticated weapons)
1080PHB Microscope Camera Specification

Order Code

Sensor& Size(mm)


G Sensitivity

Dark Signal





Sony IMX178(C)



425mv with 1/30s

0.15mv with 1/30s






Image Capture JPEG Format with 5.0MP Resolution (2592*1944) in SD Card

Note: The captured frame rate from the sensor is 30fps/second.
The HDMI video out displays at 60FPS for compatibility with some monitors and TV's.

Camera frame rate not only decide by camera but also relate to user's computer configuration

Interface & Button Functions


USB Mouse/USB WIFI Adapter


HDMI Output


12V Power in


SD Card Slot


Power On/off Switch


Power Indicator

Other Specification for HDMI Output

UI Operation

With USB Mouse to Operate on the embedded XCamView

Image Capture

JPEG Format with 5.0MP Resolution (2592*1944) in SD Card

Video Record

ASF Format 1080P 30fps in SD Card

Camera Control Panel

Including Exposure, Gain, White Balance, Color Adjustment, Sharpness and Denoising Control


Including Zoom, Mirror, Comparison, Freeze, Cross, Browser Function, Muti-language and XCamView Version Information

Other Specification for WIFI Output

UI Operation

RisingView or ToupLite onWindows/Linux/OSX/Android Platform

WIFI Performance

802.11n 150Mbps; RF Power 20dBm(Maximum)

Maximum Connected Devices

3~6(According to the Environment and Connection Distance)

White Balance

Auto White Balance

Color Technique

Ultra-FineTMColor Engine (WIFI)

Capture/Control API

Standard SDK for Windows/Linux/Mac(WIFI)

Recording System

Still Picture or Movie (WIFI)

Software Environment (for USB2.0 Connection)

Operating System

Microsoft® Windows®XP/ Vista / 7 / 8 / 8.1(32 & 64 bit)

OSx(Mac OS X)


PC Requirements

CPU: Equal to Intel Core2 2.8GHz or Higher

Memory:4GB or More

USB Port:USB2.0 High-speed Port

Display:19” or Larger


Operating Environment

Operating Temperature(in Centidegree)

-10~ 50

Storage Temperature(in Centidegree)

-20~ 60

Operating Humidity


Storage Humidity


Power Supply

DC 12V/1A Adapter

1080PHB Microscope Camera Pictures

1080PHB Microscope Camera Working pictures

1080PHB Microscope camera has two output ways: HDMI and WIFI

HDMI mode

HDMI Cable output Image to HDMI Monitor

When Camera connect to HDMI monitor, there is a tools menu to control the camera

it can make photo, record video and adjust other setting of camera

1080PHB Microscope Camera provide Measuring Function under HDMI model

The GUI of the embeded camera control panel of XCamView in Camera

Move mouse to the bottom of the HDMI displayer, the bottom toolbar will be available.

1080PHB Microscope Camera install to trinocular biological microscope


1. When users move the mouse cursor to the left side of the video window, the Camera Control Panel will pop up automatically;

2. When users move the mouse cursor to the bottom of the video window, the Synthesis Camera Control Toolbar will pop up automatically;

3. Move the mouse cursor to the upper side of the video window, the Measurement Toolbar will pop up for the calibration and measurement operations.

Synthesis Camera Control Toolbar

  1. Zoom In
  2. Zoom Out
  3. Horizontal flip
  4. Vertical flip
  5. Video Freeze / Unfreeze
  6. Cross Line
  7. WDR (Wide Dynamic Range)
  8. Browse Files of SD card (User could see saved Pictures and Videos,the pictures can be replayed on HDMI screen.
    but the saved Videos can not be replayed on HDMI screen, user should save video to computer to play it)
  9. Camera setting (User could select language between English, Chinese, Korean)

Camera Control Panel

Measurement Toolbar

1080PHB Camera also provide Measuring Function under HDMI model

The Measuring Tool Menu on the top of TV monitor.

User can Measuring Length, angle, circle, ellipse, rectangle, polygon, etc.

The measuring reslut can be saved in JPG, TFT or Excel file which storaged in SD card

Measuring Picture sample

The Real photo of Function under HDMI model

Browse the SD card

The video and photo saved in SD card

Cross line

Sample Pictures under HDMI model

WIFI mode

The Camera can working with mobile device via WiFi,

include mobile phone, Pad, Laptop and Computer with Wireless network card.

(The PC computer and Laptop computer should has Wireless network card)

WIFI Output Image to Android and Apple IOS device Smart phone, Iphone and Ipad etc.

(The image can be transfered to HDMI monitor and Mobile device at same time)

WiFi Connect Steps

(1) Install the RisingView on your Computer or install the ToupView app on the mobile device;
(2) Plug the USB WLAN adapter into the camera’s USB3.0 port;
(3) Connect the camera to the power adaptor and switch it on;
(4) Connect the computer or mobile device with the WLAN that the camera provides;
(5) The network name (SSID) and the WLAN password (The default one is 12345678) can be found on the camera.
(6) Open RisingView on computer or Open app on mobile device, then it can get image from Camera
RisingView in our Software CD.
IOS user Could download ToupView App from Apple App Store (itunes)
Android user could download ToupView App from Google Play store
RisingView for MAC IOS and Andriod system are Simple Version without Measurement and Image Process function
1080PHB/PHD camera output image to Mobile device

App for Mobile Device (IOS or Android)

Just make sure that the mobile device uses iOS 11 or higher/Android 5.1 or higher operating systems.

IOS user download ToupView App from Apple App Store (itunes)

Android user download ToupView App from Google Play store

1080PHB/PHD camera output image to PC computer or Labtop computer via WIFI

(The PC computer and Labtop computer should has Wireless network card)

User can observe, capture, process and measure image in our RisingView software.

There is detailed introduce of RisingView bellow.

1080PHB camera working with Stereo Microscope

Sample Image

Plankton image

Metal Image

PCB image

Precision metal mechanism image

Camera Detailed pictures

SONY Exmor COMS sensor

high sensitivity CMOS sensor 425mv with 1/30s;

1080PHB camera install SONY sensor 1/1.8″ IMX178

1) Low noise and High Sensitivity

1. As you can see from the above diagram, the “Exmor” sensor has 2 noise reduction process
including analogue noise reduction and digital noise reduction while the traditional one has
only analogue noise reduction.

2. Even the smallest amount of signal noise can have a negative impact on a photo. Noise is
introduced into an image if defects are present in the silicon from which the pixel is made.
By minimizing the occurrence of defects and contamination, and by shielding areas that are
vulnerable to defects, Sony has decreased the amount of noise that may be possible in other

3. Sony enhanced sensitivity of the CMOS sensor by modifying the transistor array and layout,
and by making the photodiode as large as possible and creating a system that increases the
accuracy of light that is guided to the photodiode.

Back-illuminated, High Sensitivity and no CRA Related Defects (“Exmor R”)

Sony further improved the capabilities of the CMOS sensor by developing a back-illuminated
structure, with the aim of creating a camera capable of taking exceptional photographs even by
candlelight. “Exmor R” is approximately twice as sensitive as a conventional front-illuminated
CMOS sensor and also features low noise. In a back-illuminated CMOS sensor, light is directed
onto the silicon substrate from behind, allowing light to be used with a level of efficiency not
possible with conventional front-illuminated pixel structures. Photographers can now create
smooth, high-quality images in low light settings, including night scenes.

1)The CRA related problem (background not uniform) does not exist anymore.
2) Fast Frame Speed

3) Global Shutter (Some Sensors)
4) Good Continuity

WIFI Parts

High Speed HDMI cable


Power Supply Plug (American Standard & European Standard for Choice)

Camera Dimensions

RisingView software instruction

1080PHB Microscope Camera Also can connect to PC computer or laptop computer by WIFI, but the computer must install Wireless Network Card/adaptor

When 1080PHB Camera connect to Computer by wifi, The RisingView software can get image from 1080PHB Camera

RisingView is professional software integratedwith camera control, image capture&process, image browse, image measurement and analysis.

RisingView is born with the following features:

1.User-friendly UI design
2.Professional Camera Control Panel

3.Practical functions with good result

Image Stitching

EDF(Extended Depth of Focus)

Image Segmentation & Count

Image Stacking

Fluorescence image Color Composite

4. So many measurement tools

Measurement results can export to Excel list

5. Powerful compatibility

RisingView can support Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10 system

RisingCam provide RisingView software for MAC and Linux OS

RisingView for MAC system and Linux System

Packaging & Shipping

Packing Information for HDMI+USB+SD Card All in 1 CMOS Camera

Standard Packing List


Gift box : L:22.5cm W:17.0cm H:9.0cm (1pcs, 1.65Kg/ box)


HDMI+wifi+SD Card All in 1 Camera (1080PHB)


Power Adaptor: Input: AC 100~240V 50Hz/60Hz, Output: DC 12V 1A

American standard: Model: GS12U12-P1I 12W/12V/1A: UL/CUL/BSMI/CB/FCC

EMI Standard:EN55022,EN61204-3, EN61000-3-2,-3, FCC Part 152 class B, BSMI CNS14338

EMS Standard:EN61000-4-2,3,4,5,6,8,11,EN61204-3,Class A Light Industry Standard

European standard: Model:GS12E12-P1I 12W/12V/1A; TUV(GS)/CB/CE/ROHS

EMI Standard:EN55022,EN61204-3, EN61000-3-2,-3, FCC Part 152 class B, BSMI CNS14338

EMS Standard:EN61000-4-2,3,4,5,6,8,11,EN61204-3,Class A Light Industry Standard


HDMI Cable


USB Mouse


WIFI part


CD (Driver & utilities software, Ø12cm)

Optional Accessory


Adjustable lens adapter

C-Mount to Dia.23.2mm Eyepiece Tube

(Please choose 1 of them for your microscope)

C-Mount to Dia.31.75mm Eyepiece Tube

(Please choose 1 of them for your telescope)


Fixed lens adaptor

C-Mount to Dia.23.2mm Eyepiece Tube

(Please choose 1 of them for your microscope)

C-Mount to Dia.31.75mm Eyepiece Tube

(Please choose 1 of them for your telescope)

Note: For H and I optional accessory items, please specify your camera type(C-mount, microscope camera or telescope camera) RisingTech engineer will help you to determine the right microscope or telescope camera adapter for your application;


108015(Dia.23.2mm to 30.0mm Ring)/Adaptor rings for 30mm eyepiece tube


108016(Dia.23.2mm to 30.5mm Ring)/ Adaptor rings for 30.5mm eyepiece tube


Calibration Lit



106013/TS-M7(X=0.01mm/100Div., 0.10mm/100Div.)


SD Card(4G or 8G)

Standard Packing

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Item Specifics

Brand Name: 
Magnification Ratio: 
 500X & Under
Model Number: 
 High Definition
 Video Microscope
 Sony IMX178(C)
 HD 1080P
 HDMI, wifi
 SD card
Video Record: 
 1080P 30fps in SD Card
Shell material: 
Mouse control: 
 Built-in camera control panel for mouse control
 Windows XP /Vista /7/8/8.1/10(32 & 64 bit),OSx(Mac OS X),Linux


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